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Leather International Magazine
April 1, 1999
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Restyling Magazine

July 1, 2007
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What痴 new in the world of interiors?

Leather interiors haven稚 changed a lot until lately, but new trends have emerged that may stick around for a while.

Smooth leather was always the No.1 pick for leather interiors. But with vinyl products becoming more and more foolproof to the untrained熔r even trained容ye, customers seeking the distinction and luxury of leather may look for something harder to duplicate.典he fashion is changing today even in automotive leather; it used to be all smooth leather.  Now different grains are coming into fashion, says Simon Kamali, owner, Kamali Leather, Manhasset, N.Y.

Vinyl can mimic the look and feel of smooth leather, but grained leathers are harder to emulate, he says. Similar to high-end ladies handbags, leather seats with a pebbled or other type of discernable grain appeal to customers who want the real thing.

典hat smooth leather today is not so popular anymore, Kamali says, 澱ecause now they are matching vinyls that are so similar to leather that people do not realize it痴 vinyl, and sometimes it does not make a difference to them if it痴 leather or vinyl. That is why today grained leather is becoming very popular in automotive seating with many people.

Suede-look interiors are also popular, but they often aren稚 real suede, Kamali adds. Ultrasuede is most often used because suede isn稚 always the best choice for automotive seating. 典he reason that suede leather is not used, he says, 妬s because it痴 very difficult to prevent it from trapping dust, or bleeding color onto people痴 clothing. Suede is difficult to control. That is why even though people like suede they usually use Ultrasuede.

You might find yourself looking at wilder leathers, too; some of the more exotic leathers may also be just what a customer is looking for to set his or her car apart from the rest.

展e also sell a lot of exotic leathers such as ostrich. They are made from cowhide but are an imitation hornback, ostrich or alligator-embossed leather in a variety of colors. These are used for street rods and custom cars, antique cars, says Kamali.

And don稚 forget to look beyond automotive seating. With the popularity of custom choppers sweeping the nation, motorcycle riders are looking for custom seating to match their custom ride.

溺otorcycle seats are a big trend in leather, Kamali notes. 鉄ome of the leathers are waterproof and UV proof揺ey will not change color after sitting in the sun for days.

- Sharla Sikes



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