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Company History

Kamali Leather Company is a 2nd generation, family-owned business, located in New York City. Founded in 1951, Kamali Leather Company is a leading wholesaler of soft Cow Nappa.  Our leather is used by the top industry leaders in the garment, footwear, handbags and leather goods industries.

During the company's infancy, KLC was primarily focused on dealing with raw hides.  Recognizing the need of diversity and growth while prospering, company founder, Haji Kamali, with encouragement and partnership of his older brother, Yousef Kamali, created a long term plan for his company, Kamali Leather Company, increased operations to include tanning.  Later, KLC epitomized the phrase "full-service company," entering the arena of leather conversion.  By completing Haji Kamali's long-term vision and positioning of his company, Kamali Leather Company developed a thorough appreciation and understanding of leather making.

This thorough knowledge and years of experience was later turned over to Haji's son Simon Kamali, daughter Suzy Kamali, Yousef's son Bob Kamali and son-in-law Cyrus Elian.  The Kamali crew, like its company's founding fathers, continues to look for industry trends to best position itself as they prepare to take Kamali Leather Company into the 21st century.

One such example of trend searching was evident in the early 1990's.  This era saw an unprecedented boom in portable telecommunications that were virtually non-existent just years before--hand-held cellular telephones and computer laptops.  Seeing tremendous growth opportunities to increase KLC leather business, KLC developed lines of leather exclusively for carrying cases (laptop computer and cellular telephones).  The end result was record sales with the largest quantities of leather purchased by customers in the company's history.

On the heels of capitalizing on the new telecommunications boom, increased sales and production of KLC products resulted in a financial backing of key South America tanneries.  In addition, recognizing the fast growing trend of overseas manufacturing, a Hong Kong office was opened.  This enabled KLC to offer in-stock inventory and quick-ship programs for manufacturers producing goods in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, further satisfying the "I need it yesterday" demands of today's marketplace.

To further satisfy its customer's needs, KLC's product development department is constantly researching the needs of the marketplace.  Whether its developing dry cleanable leathers, heat resistant leather, waterproof Nubuck, waterproof linings, cold crack leather, or creating a specialty program for one specific customer, meeting the needs of today's competitive marketplace is what Kamali Leather Company stands for.

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